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Privacy Policy

FlyoSouthwest is always dedicated to its customers and shows the best options for the ease and comfort of customers. Being a reliable and trusted platform, we at FlyoSouthwest ensure your safe travel while having the best onboard experiences. The site follows a privacy policy which is beneficial for you as well as us. On this page, we have shown what data we extract from you, how we act on it, and how to protect it from malicious activities.

You are trusting us and we won’t disappoint you!

What data do we collect from you?

To give you the best offers and amazing inflight experiences, data is needed. So, to have trust from our customers, we give a transparent privacy policy. We collect required data such as your name, email address, departure and arival details, or other details to help you with your experience. This ensures that the services are offered to the right individual or not.

How do we collect data?

Our site keeps your privacy at priority and we are deemed to protect every detail that you put here while making your reservation. We acquire data through two kinds of means viz.,

Direct Data - It refers to the information you share by filling form on our site, via call, or email. The details like your name, age, location, address, and contact number are acquired through this means.

Indirect Data - The kind of data such as your location, IP address, how much time you have spent on our site, and which page you have been through, is extracted from you indirectly.

Why do we collect data?

Data collection is mandatory for us to give you the desired results! For this, we keep your data, send you some promotional tour deals and packages, and tend to accomplish the service request you asked for. We understand the concerns of your privacy and that’s why we are trusted as a reliant partner for best-in-class offers.

Cookies Policy

We use "cookies," tags, web beacons, or other similar technologies, to collect information that enables monitoring while browsing through our websites. We authenticate you as a customer using these cookies and remember your web habits, present attractive deals and promote transactions via our portals.